Metro performance glass digital printing.  A durable, accurate and flexible on-glass design solution for architects and designers who were previously frustrated by the limitations and costs of screen-printing. Metro Performance Glass’ on-glass digital printing uses advanced GlassJetTM technology for industrial direct on-glass printing. By using specifically formulated ceramic inks, extreme durability is achieved through the toughening process where the ink is infused with the glass.

This expands our range of decorative glass products and is suitable for most glass applications, including interior and exterior architectural glass, automotive, marine, appliances, furniture and artwork.

Metro's EzyClean Technology can also be applied to the Ceramic Digital Print surface a good idea particularly for showers.  Metro Glass Ceramic Printing Technique showed equivalent adhesion and durability as a plain glass panel when coated with Metro EzyClean Technology.  It comes with the same cleaning regime and 10 Year Warranty

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