The Dylan 

367 Great North Road, Auckland

The Dylan is a high-quality and design-focused mixed-use apartment building in a prominent Auckland Central neighbourhood. The building sits on a privileged location, with the South-facing front facade on a busy street and the North part of the building overlooking the ocean and offering views of the city centre and the Waitakeres.

  • Aesthetics: Importance of the design, due to the site’s high-visibility and immediate proximity to a heritage area.
  • Privacy: The use of frosted glass (opalucent) for the lower level balustrades to provide light while adding privacy from the street
  • Safety: Heat soaked toughened glass in North-facing windows for reducing the breakage potential from thermal stress and toughened laminated glass on balustrades. 

Paul Brown Architects

Clear toughened glass, double glazing, opalucent double glazing, heat soaked toughened glass, clear laminate, and toughened laminated glass.