Please note that specific design PS1 requests may incur additional design fees. Where possible we recommend selecting/specifying glass & glazing from NZS4223 or using our standard design installation details, as compliance documents for these options are currently available free of charge.

Specific design producer statement documents will only be provided to architectural and/or building construction drawings specifying Metro Performance Glass glazing systems. (Read more)

For more detail on which form to use please refer here.

Before starting your PS1 request, please make sure you have as much of the required information and detail available as possible:

  • Project details (project name, address, owner/developer, client/designer).
  • Building Consent Authority (drop-down list provided).
  • Site design windload/windzone (for exterior applications).
  • Preferred installation system/detail.
  • Confirmation if the glass is providing safety from a fall of greater than 1m.
  • Installation drawings (plan, elevation, and typical installation/section detail).
  • Any special performance or aesthetic requirements.

If you have any other questions or other different specific design requests please send to

Vertical Glazing PS1

Sloped Glazing PS1

Specific Design Balustrade PS1

Specific Design Glass Floor