Metro Performance Glass manufactures silk-screened ceramic frit glasses for architectural and domestic use. The process involves screen-printing special ceramic frit paint onto the glass and fusing it onto the surface during the toughening or heat strengthening process. The result is a tough, durable, decorative glass.

This decorative process allows the designer flexibility in selecting finishes where colour and pattern design are important for visual impact.

TempaClad is screen-printed with a solid colour. It provides a colour glass that is both decorative and durable.  For full block exterior quality Metro recommend the use of Colourbak Exterior Express Range colours.

TempaScreen is screen-printed with a pattern or design. It is both decorative and functional, providing privacy while controlling solar heat gain and glare. It is a transparent product and does not provide total opacity.

TempaGrip is screen-printed with a special slip-resistant frit for floors and stair treads.