Metroview Glass Balustrades

Metroview offers a range of elegant frameless glass balustrade solutions that are designed and tested for New Zealand conditions and come with a 10 year warranty.

Metroview balustrade solutions are suitable for decks, balconies, staircases or pool fences. Our frameless glass balustrades and pool fences provide the necessary safety and security without compromising your views. Metroview glass balustrades can be installed in timber, steel, and concrete; having solutions for both face and base fixing. Our Metroview solutions have been designed & rigorously tested to NZ standards. This provides a pathway for compliance to the NZ building code, with Metroview PS1’s readily available. Our professional team of expert glaziers ensures a quality installation to the highest standards nationwide.

Metroview Channel

  • Can achieve a “floating” look by recessing into the cladding.
  • Allows wider panel spans which make for clean viewing lines.

Metroview Disc

  • Unobstructed views with its side fixing detail.
  • Ideal for external balconies and staircases, as well as internal stairs and landings.
  • Architecturally styled fittings make for a sleek exterior finish.

Metroview Mini-Post

  • Sleek post design provides both strength and a modern, minimalist aesthetic.
  • Easy to maintain and effective in wet environments where drainage is required.