Safety glass is glass with additional safety features that make it less likely to break, or pose a threat when broken.

Metro offer a full range of safety glass options both toughened, and laminated.  The heat soak test option is available to minimise the risk of  spontaneous breakage.

With safety in mind, Laminated Safety Glass is becoming the mainstay ideal for applications that require, Safety, Security and Environmental Protection.  And by using a special interlayer and or heat treated glass it can have high Strength.  In combination with printed glass and the use of printed, coloured or special inserts, it can also be used to create Decorative Effects.

Toughened Safety Glass

Heat Soaked Safety Glass

Laminated Annealed Safety Glass

Laminated Toughened Safety Glass

Laminated Toughened Structural Safety Glass (Sentry®)

Laminated Toughened Composite