Safety & Security Glass

Safety glass is glass with additional safety features that make it less likely to break, or pose a threat when broken.

Metro offer a full range of heat treated (Toughened, Heat Soaked and Heat Strengthened) safety glass.

With safety in mind, Laminated Safety Glass is becoming the mainstay ideal for applications that require, Safety, Security and Environmental Protection.  And by using a special interlayer and or heat treated glass it can have high Strength.  In combination with printed glass and the use of printed, coloured or special inserts, it can also be used to create Decorative Effects.

Common designs include toughened glass (also known as tempered glass), laminated glass, and wire mesh glass (also known as wired glass).

Protection against Vandalism

Damage caused by vandalism can be minimised by the use of laminated glass, which ensures that any broken shards of glass adhere to the interlayer and acts as a deterrent to burglars by slowing them down and attracting attention. The amount of protection is dependent on the glass and interlayer type and thickness. Standard 6.38mm laminated glass will provide minimum protection 7.5mm and 11.5mm will provide greater protection.

Protection against Forced Entry

In this situation, glass must withstand repeated attacks from weapons such as axes or hammers.
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Protection against Prison Breaks

Special configurations of glass laminates have been developed for detention areas, prison cells and low security applications.
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Toughened Safety Glass

Heat Soaked Safety Glass

Heat Strengthened Safety Glass

Laminated Annealed Safety Glass

Laminated Toughened Safety Glass

Laminated Toughened Structural Safety Glass

Laminated Toughened Composite