Protective screens

Sneeze Guards and Counter Screens for customers and staff Covid-19 protection, we are producing protective screens to suite a wide range of applications, working areas, and public spaces. Our glass guards offer protection against Covid-19 droplets and other seasonal issues such as colds or flu while maintaining the open space feeling and light transmission. Protect yourself, your staff, and your customers with a high-quality and easy to clean solution. We can also custom make any size or shape to suit your space.

Our team of experienced glaziers will install the screens in your work area for your convenience. If you require a custom cut out in your screen, we can cut a range of shapes in the glass to meet your needs, as well as manufacture a protective screen of a different length or height to the named above. For any specific requests, please contact our team. We can provide engineered glass solutions and a depth of advice that can be relied on.


• Safety - Toughened safety glass is much harder to break than standard (annealed glass). In the unlikely event of toughened glass breaking, it fractures into small particles, significantly reducing the risk of injury.

• Strength - Toughened safety glass has high strength and is 4 to 5 times stronger than standard glass of the same thickness due to the stresses induced during toughening.

• Standards - Metro Glass processes toughened glass in accordance with AS/NZS 2208: 1996 (Australia & New Zealand Standard). This Grade A toughened safety glass is also independently audited to ensure compliance.

• Reduce Risk – Glass is easier to clean and more resistant to scratches than other materials like acrylics or polycarbonates.

• Care – The screen can be cleaned using your regular glass cleaning products although it is recommended to use soap or an alcohol-based cleaning product for disinfecting. Follow this up with a regular glass cleaner for a streak-free finish.

• Made in NZ - Our screens are cut-to-precision and processed in one of our four manufacturing facilities across New Zealand. What’s more, glass can be recycled in New Zealand if needed.

Technical Details:

• The screens are made of 10 mm thick toughened glass.

• Standard heights are 650 mm and 800 mm height.

• Our protective screens are available in 3 glass colours (clear, frosted and tinted)

• The channel mounted protective screen is fixed to the surface using a 30 mm wide and 40 mm high channel.

• The bracket mounted protective screen is fixed to the surface using 65mm high stainless steel brackets.

• The standard channel and brackets come in their natural raw steel coating, however, there is the possibility to powder coat these parts of the screen to any colour from our palette for a small extra cost.

• You can use multiple panels side by side to form a barrier of the desired length.

• We can digitally print custom images, colours, and branding onto the glass.

• Custom heights can be supplied to meet your requirements.