Ohope Beach School

170 Pohutukawa Avenue, Ohope

Located on the idyllic seaside east of Whakatane, Ohope Beach School is nestled between hills and the ocean. The new teaching spaces were designed to the latest Ministry requirements and trying to create a functional and sustainable space.
Low E green and clear was utilised in the windows for light control, preventing heat loss and overall optimal performance. This Low E tint provides a connection between the glass, the surroundings, and the story the local Iwi wanted to represent through the building.
To provide cohesion in the facade while offering a solution to a design need, toughened back coated glass was used at the bottom of some of the windows.

  • Aesthetics: Glass to provide a connection between the building and the surrounding nature.
  • Visibility: Light control using Low E and privacy using back coated glass.
  • Safety: Toughened safety glass

Ignite Architects

Low E Tint Green VLT Category Range 56-65 (TGN6) and toughened back coated glass