Glass Care Installation Notes

  • Check glass surface orientation before glazing.
  • Use only recommended sealants.
  • If splashes of mortar or plaster occur, immediately wash down with clean water or mild detergent. Do not allow splashes to harden. Do not use solvents.
  • Clean glass carefully: use non-abrasive cleaners, mild detergents or propriety glass cleaners.
  • Do not use scrapers on glass.
  • Home owners should obtain a copy of Care and Maintenance Instructions from their window supplier.

Washing Glass

  • The regular washing and drying of glass and window frames is required to ensure long term durability. In urban areas washing should be every 3 to 6 months.
  • When washing, soak the glass surface with warm water and mild soap detergent solution to loosen dirt and debris or proprietary glass cleaners. Start cleaning at the top of the building and continue to lower levels.
  • After washing, rinse with clean water and then dry the glass using a clean grit-free squeegee, cloth or paper towel and remember, 'Wet glass is dirty glass.'
  • All water and cleaning solution residue should be dried from the window gaskets, sealants and frames to prevent water spots.
  • Avoid cleaning tinted and reflective glass surfaces in direct sunlight.

Washing Special Glasses

  • When washing double glazing and laminated glass use the same procedures as above but ensure no solvents come into contact with the edge laminate interlayer or unit sealant.
  • It is advisable to check the frame drainage to ensure no water is trapped in the rebate as this can affect the life of these products.
  • With reflective or Low E coated surfaces exercise special care when cleaning and follow the manufacturer's instructions.

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