MPG Production Size Limitations - March 2019

      Upper North Is. Lower North Is. South Is (Note 3)
Double glazed units
(Note 2,5)
Max Unit Weight 350kg  l/m 150kg l/m 150kg l/m
Normal Maximum Weight 250kg 250kg 250kg
Max Unit Thick Ali Spacer 70 52 52
T Spacer 70 52 52
Max Sizes Air 4500x2500 4000x2500 4500x2400
Argon 4500x2500 4000x2500 4000x2400
T Spacer 4500x2500 NA 4500x2400
Min Sizes   350x180 350x180 350x180
Toughened and Heat Strengthened
(Note 2,4,5)
Max Sizes 4 2500x1300 2500x1300 2500x1300
5 3300x1800 3300x1800 3300x1800
6 4500x2500 3900x2080 4500x2400
8-19 4500x2500 3900x2080 4500x2400
LOW E 4 2500x1300 2500x1300 2500x1300
5 3300x1800 3210x1800 3210x1800
6 4500x2500 3900x2080 4500x2400
  Min Sizes   250x100 250x100 250x100
  Min Diameter   260 260 260
  PVB Max Sizes   5100x3210 5100x3210 5100x3210
(Note 1,2,4,5)
EVA Max Sizes   5000x2400   4500x2400
EVA Min Sizes   250x100   250x100
Max Thickness   40 500kg   40 500kg

Note 1 - The thinner of the plies normally governs - for 6 + 4 use 4mm ply size.Note 2 - Sizes are subject to toughening sizes for thickness.Note 3 - T Spacer = Thermal Spacer.Note 4 - 6000x2800 toughening in Auckland is possible for specific jobs dependant on glass availability.Note 5 - For the BOP oversize units and premium Low E would be supplied from Auckland.General Note - For sizes outside the above or special applications refer to the operations managers.