One of the most exciting features of laminated glass is the ability to laminate inserts into the glass or to laminate special materials.  The Lamination process essentially encapsulates the decorative component within two or more sheets of glass.

Examples are:

Opal – White translucent laminate available in two options – Opal 50% – Opal 100%

White – Solid white insert ideal for white boards and doors

Black – Solid black insert ideal for black boards and cladding

ColourBak – Painted glass laminated with EVA to create solid colour

Print – Ceramic ink glasses such as Screenprint and Digital print and TempaPrint can be laminated

Colour – PET Translucent Colour Film enables a wide range of special colour laminates

Image – PET Image Film allows high resolution picture perfect image laminates

Metallic – PET metallic film for stunning metal effects

Mesh – Internal metal or fiberglass mesh enables a range of special decorative effects

Fabric – Silks, papers and fabrics create special effects when laminated

Veneer – Wood veneers can be protected inside the laminate

Stone – Natural stone and glass can be combined for stunning effects

LED – LED lights can be bonded inside the laminate to create signs and logos

Switch – Switchable Film is laminated with EVA to create Switchable Glass

Solar – Photovoltaic cells can be laminated with EVA to generate power