Hyundai Marine Sports Centre

8/10 Tamaki Drive, Orakei, Auckland

This large-scale project is located on Auckland’s treasured and sensitive ocean waterfront. Built on The Landing in Okahu Bay the Hyundai Marine Sports Centre allows for a wide variety of sports events to run concurrently. With panoramic views over the bay, it has the capacity to operate as a hosting facility for larger national and international events. The Centre also provides the wider community with the opportunity to actively participate, spectate or just enjoy the spectacular views and quality services in a safe, family-friendly environment.

The concept was based on two pavilions, with a central and inclusive atrium focused on integrating the building with the marine environment with the use of a dark blue tint glass for the facade. The glass type also provides solar control attributes, one of the project requirements given the north-facing building orientation.

  • Aesthetics: The blue tint in the double-glazing units connects the building to the oceanic surrounding and provides a stunning reflection of the sea and sky.

  • Solar control: The blue tint provides solar control performance, reducing solar heat gain, UV transmission, and glare inside a building.

  • Safety: Laminated toughened safety glass on the stair's balustrade extra safety in case of accidental impact.

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Low E and dark blue tinted double glazing, and laminated toughened safety glass on the stair's balustrade.