Low E is an abbreviation of “Low Emissivity”, which is the ability to radiate absorbed energy. Low E glass has a unique Low Emissivity coating designed to reflect long wave radiation from the glass itself and from inside or outside the house.

Metro have a range of Low E solutions for both single and double glazing applications.

For single glass applications Metro have the Sunergy range in 4mm and 6mm Clear, 6mm Sunergy Green and 6.38mm Sunergy Laminate. Metro also has the laminate Solect laminate grey tint in 6.38, 8.38, 10.38.

The Metro residential range of Low E double-glazing is specifically designed to meet the majority of the New Zealand market’s needs, with three core options Low E Plus, Low E Max and Low E Xcel.  For specific performance needs Metro are happy to develop custom-made Low E units to meet those performance needs.  Metro also has a Low E commercial range, which provides a streamlined construct for building glass selection, that leverages Metro’s stocked ranges and its global sourcing capabilities.  Follow the links below to the specific sections.

Refer to: Low E Residential or Low E Commercial