Wynyard Central

28 Madden Street, Auckland

This project is a bold and sophisticated apartment building that perfectly blends with its surroundings and the nature of the neighbourhood. Wynyard Central is formed by three buildings, using a different finish for each one of them but with one thing in common, high-quality glass supplied by Metro Performance Glass that makes the project cohesive while looking spectacular.

Sustainability principles permeate every aspect of the design and Wynyard Central is the first large-scale multi-unit residential development to achieve a Homestar Design rating in New Zealand with each residence achieving a minimum 7 rating for sustainability and energy efficiency.

  • Visibility: The confinement of apartment living is barely noticed thanks to careful articulation of the pavilion façades, glass balustrades, and windows.
  • Safety: Toughened safety glass on shower glass doors and laminated safety glass on balustrades for extra protection against glass shattering in case of accidental impact. 
  • Homestar Rating: 7-Star overall rating


Low E double glazing (NGY6), toughened safety glass and laminated toughened safety glass.