485 Papanui Road

485 Papanui Road - Christchurch

Located within the popular Papanui shopping district, this modern commercial building is setting to a comfortable and contemporary office space in a sought-after location. Originally built in 1987, the building suffered the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes and was entirely refurbished and strengthened to an NBS rating of 100% in 2015.

The unique and modern front facade features a stunning frameless glass entranceway with a barrel vault shape. The clear glass spider wall maximises light and the spacious feeling as you enter the building.  The first floor is configured into a large natural light-filled open office.

  • Aesthetics: The unique barrel vault shape required custom shape in the top panels and the modern design is definitely eye-catching to those in transit in the busy road.

  • Safety: The extensive use of glass in the facade required the panels to be toughened for extra resistance against impact.

  • Installation: Metro designed, manufactured, and installed the massive glass panels that form the front facade while the building was being repaired due to the damage produced by the earthquakes.

Wynyard Design Studio (Formerly Archimetrix Ltd)

Toughened safety glass with vertical spider fittings