Producer Statements
Below is a definition of each of the producer statement types, who is responsible and when in the process the producer statement is to be issued.

Producer Statement




 PS1 Design  Metro Glass  Project design (when design not covered by NZS 4223 standard as a path of compliance to the Building Code) Council accept design to issue a Building Consent. 
 PS2 Design Review  Independent Professional  Post design, but prior to installation. Independent review of whole project PS1’s, whether in part or collectively. 
 PS3 Construction  Metro Glass  After installation. Certificate of construction, prepared and signed by the installer, confirming that the glazing system as a whole (glass, hardware, fixing mechanism’s, substrate etc.) is as per the PS1 consented design / Building Code. 
 PS4 Construction Review  Independent Professional  After installation. Construction review by an independent design professional with reference to PS3’s issued on the project. 
  • A PS1 is a design statement, that is issued at the design stage of the project. Metro will not issue retrospective PS1’s.
  • Generic PS1 – tested design, validated independently, standard offering. PS1 is available via Generic PS1 form on the internet.
  • Specific PS1 – When the design is not covered by Generic PS1, site specific engineered design. Could incurr engineering costs.

  • Where there is an acceptable solution cited in the Building Code, a PS1 is not required. If required Metro will provide a design statement to confirm glazing to the relevant acceptable solution, e.g. NZS 4223.3:2016.

  • A PS3 can be issued to confirm glazing complies with the Building Code. Metro does not have to issue a PS1 or design statement for a PS3 to be issued. However, when a PS1 or other design documentation has been issued, the installation and hence the PS3 must be in accordance with the issued PS1 or other design documentation. Non-consented building works do not require a PS3, e.g. Retrofit’s, replacement glazing.

  • A Specific PS1 can only be issued by a Metro Technical department engineer.


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