Solar control can be achieve with a number of options and combinations of options.

  • Low E Double Glazing
  • Laminated Glass, including tinted interlayers
  • Tinted Glass
  • Silk-screened ceramic frit
  • Digital print ceramic frit

To help in comparing data to follow is a simple guide:

  • The higher the Visible Light Transmission (VLT) percentage the great the percentage of visible light that will travel through the glass.
  • The higher the Visible light reflectance (VLR) percentage the higher the amount of light reflected from the glass.
  • The lower the shading coefficient (SC), the lower the amount of solar energy transmitted by the glazing, thus reducing fading.
  • The lower the Tdw value - the greater the fading protection.
  • The higher the UV Elimination values the greater the fading protection.

UV Elimination on its own can misrepresent actual fading reduction in that UV is significant but not the only factor.

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For more technical information and performance values click to view our Technical specification sheet