Creating a high-performance building envelope can be a challenge, finding the balance between capturing and reflecting solar heat, while creating a light work environment, and balancing the running costs of HVAC systems.

Low E double glazing can significantly improve the working environment, while:

  • Reducing demand for cooling and heating •
  • Reducing size and cost of HVAC plant •
  • Reducing artificial lighting requirements •
  • Acoustic insulation options can also be added.

In a Guardian case study new generation, Low E was used to replace old style hard coat pyrolytic coated low-E double-glazing in a Hospital in the USA.  The previous double-glazing was allowing too much heat gain into the building.  The owner was planning a second building so a trial was setup to re-glazing a section of the building to test the latest Low E Double Glazing.  The result was a significant reduction in the heat load on the air-conditioning system by over 40% when compared to the old style hard coat pyrolytic coated low-E double-glazing.

Metro will continue to bring it’s global sourcing expertise to bear with the latest technologies being added to the Low E commercial range construct on a regular basis.