Austvision SpiderFin

Structural Glass System


The Austvision SpiderFin Structural Glass System is a point fixed glass wall utilising glass structural support fins as wind bracing and can be a ground based, fully fixed or a suspended installation.


The SpiderFin System uses Austvision 445 series heavy duty spider fittings to transfer the loads to the glass fins. When used with structural glass fins, the SpiderFin is a versatile system providing clean lines to a building’s façade. The glass fins are normally used as a vertical mullion but can be used as horizontal transom and can also be used in overhead glazing applications.



The SpiderFin System has 2 fixing options;

                444 series – 4 way or 2 way light duty spider 

                445 series – 4 way or 2 way heavy duty spider  


Glass fixings can be countersunk, disc or swivel to suit the application and glass thickness, including options for IGUs


Material and Finish

All fittings are cast 316 marine grade stainless steel in satin or polished finish.

All silicone joints are high or medium modulus black structural silicone.



The SpiderFin System can be used with Metro GlassTech TempaFloat, TempaSoak, TempaScreen or TempaPrint Toughened Safety Glass (TSG) or SafeLite Toughened Laminated Safety Glass (TLSG)*

*TLSG not normally applicable in structural glass fin applications.



  • Suitable for 10mm to 25mm TSG and TLSG glass walls
  • Suitable for up to 25mm TSG in glass fins
  • Can be used with point fixed IGUs, up to maximum 42mm thick
  • Good corrosion resistance



The SpiderFin is specifically designed on a project to project basis depending on the design loads for the project.