It makes sense to maximise your insulation. Double glazing can have added insulating benefits when combined with Argon Gas and Low E glass

What is Argon Gas and Low E Glass?

Argon gas is a naturally occurring inert gas which is not harmful to you. By trapping a measured amount of Argon gas between the panes of glass and sealing it in, the insulating performance of your double glazing increases. Argon gas is denser than air and acts as a greater barrier to heat loss and heat absorption in the home, with a thermal performance increase of up to 15%.

Low E, or Low Emissivity glass, reflects long wave radiation keeping the heat inside the home. Using a combination of Low E glass and Argon gas you will receive ultimate insulation performance.

When the internal air temperature is 200C and the relative humidity is 60%, condensation will not form on double glazing with a U value of 3.0 W/m2k or lower, all Metro Low E has a lower U value

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