The Bi-Fold MF75 is a top hung frameless glass sliding bi-folding door system 


The Bi-Fold MF75 is designed for internal 10mm Toughened Safety Glass doors up to a maximum weight of 75 kg, and with maximum glass panes 2700mm high x 950mm wide.

It is ideal for bi-folding room dividers and wall applications.

Material & Finish  

The top track is 50 x 50mm anodised aluminium.

The hangers are stainless steel with Nylon wheels with chrome steel roller bearings.

The hinges are satin chrome plated brass.

The bottom floor guide channel is anodised aluminium with a polypropylene insert for metal rollers. 

System Types

The Bi-Fold MF75 can be used in 2 to 6 panels in one direction, and up to 12 panels in two directions.

Locking can be by slide bolt, turn snib or key lock.


The Bi-Fold MF75 can be glazed with the following glass types;

TempaFloat – Toughened Safety Glass

TempaSoak – Heat Soaked Toughened Safety Glass

TempaScreen- Screen Printed Toughened Safety Glass

TempaPrint – Digital Printed Ceramic Frit Toughened Safety Glass


The system uses Safety Glass to AS/NZS 2208 and complies with the NZ Building Code Clause F2/AS1