Austvision SpiderDoor

Pivot Door System


The Austvision  SpiderDoor System uses specially developed spider pivot door fittings for internal and external door entries, and to compliment Austvision structural glass systems.



The SpiderDoor uses 4 fittings;

451 - Two arm spider bottom pivot  

452 - Two arm spider top pivot series

483 - Two arm overlite pivot housing  

456 – Half moon lock fitting


Glass fittings are normally M8 CSK or M8 CSK Disc fittings to suit the application.


Material and Finish

The fittings are cast 316 marine grade stainless steel in satin and polished finish.



The SpiderDoor System can be used with Metro GlassTech TempaFloat, TempaSoak, TempaScreen or TempaPrint Toughened Safety Glass (TSG)



  • Easy to measure and install
  • Fits to standard floor springs and pivots
  • Suitable for 10 and 12 mm toughened safety glass
  • Good corrosion resistance
  • Compliments spider structural glass wall fittings
  • Range of fitting configuration to suit the application



The SpiderDoors System can be used for 10 and 12mm frameless glass doors to suit the typical restrictions on patch fitting doors as detailed in Technical Bulleting 40. Guidance notes for frameless glass doors and assemblies.