Austvision TieRod

Canopy System 

The Austvision TieRod Canopy System was designed and developed for residential and commercial entrances with a strong emphasis on simplicity in design and ease of installation.


Standard designs are available as follows;

C1-  1 pane - 2 tie rods

C2 - 2 panes - 3 tie rods

C3 - 3 panes - 4 ties rods - 2 sets

C4 - 4 panes - 4 tie rods - 3 sets

Custom designs are also available on request

All TieRod canopy systems uses 60/22-22n M14 articulated swivel glass connectors.

The 60/22-22n swivel glass connectors are designed with 6° rotation in any direction to reduce the stress  around the glass hole compared to conventional fixed connectors.

Material and Finish

All Fittings are 316 marine grade stainless steel, in satin and polished finish.


The TieRod Canopy System is glazed with Metro GlassTech TempaFloat, TempaSoak, TempaScreen or TempaPrint Toughened Safety Glass (TSG) or SafeLite Toughened Laminated Safety Glass (TLSG).

Note that breakage characteristic and edge protection requirements may alter with different types of interlayers


  • Easy to measure and install
  • Suitable for 10mm to 19mm TSG
  • Suitable for 11.5mm to 22mm TLSG
  • Good corrosion resistance
  • Simple frameless look


The TieRod Canopy System requires specific engineering design to comply with NZS 4223 and AS/NZS 1170, wind, snow and live load combinations.