StrutPost SP155

Glass Pool Fence System 


The StrutPost SP155 is a base fixing for frameless glass pool fences  


The StrutPost SP155 is a simple and attractive base fixing for 12mm Toughened Safety Glass pool fences. It is only 155mm high and comes with drop on covers to hide the fixings

The StrutPost SP155 is made for base fixing on top of concrete or other solid structures


Material & Finish

The StrutPost 155 is cast from 2205 Duplex Grade Stainless Steel and is very strong and durable.

It is available in satin finish, but can be polished if required.


System Set out

Typical pool fence set out is;

Height 1200mm min

Strut Post Spacing - Maximum 1000mm

Glass overhang - Maximum 500mm

Glass Pane width             2000mm for 2 posts

3000mm for 3 posts

Note – in very high or above wind zones the setout may alter and specific design is required.


The system is glazed with Metro Performance Glass, as follows

12 mm TempaFloat Toughened Safety Glass

12mm TempaSoak Heat Soaked Toughened Safety Glass

13.5mm SafeLite Toughened Laminated Safety Glass 



The StrutPost SP155 has been tested in NZ to AS/NZS 1170 barrier loadings in accordance with B1/VM1 Amendment 8. This exceeds the requirements of the Fencing of Swimming Pools Act (FOSPA) and NZS 8500


The StrutPost SP155 can be used for pool fences to comply with the FOSP Act, and in locations where the pool fence becomes a barrier (balustrade), but the fitting set out varies as per the Producer Statement (PS1), design tables and fixing details.