Hydraulic Patch Fitting                                                              

The Ozone Hydraulic Patch Fitting is a new innovation for self closing frameless glass pool gates.

The Ozone Hydraulic Patch Fitting is surface mounted directly to the floor making it easy to install and thus a more cost effective option for doors. Direct mounting to the floor is done with an adjustable base plate and this removes the need for pre-casting or cutting floor spring boxes, which is a slow messy process creating concrete dust.

The Ozone’s innovation is in the hydraulic closer mechanism which fits within the patch fitting, and allows closing adjustment like a floor spring. The closer mechanism is required to be non hold open for pool gates.

 The patch fitting is slightly larger than a normal patch fitting at 190 x 70mm, but does not look out of place when used in typical top pivot patch.  The patch fitting comes with a 316 satin stainless steel covers for exterior use.

The Ozone Hydraulic Patch Fitting is suitable for gates up to 1000mm wide made from

10 to 12mm Toughened Safety Glass up to 100 kg maximum weight.



Ozone FH-100-NHO – Non hold open