Glass Pool Fence System 


NauTech is a base and side fixed frameless glass pool fence system 


The NauTec system is a unique strut post design which is unobtrusive, strong and durable.

The NauTech system features horizontal and vertical adjustment for the glass. The vertical adjustment is attained by the use of a patented clamping and adjustment technique which is the heart of the fitting. Another feature is that the strut post clamps the glass without the need for holes and this saves on glass processing costs and installation time.


NauTech  NT168 is made for base fixing to masonry, timber and steel structures. 

The strut post is 168mm high and provides a 50mm clearance between the top of the deck and underside of the glass pane.

NauTech NT315 is made for side fixing to masonry, timber and steel structures and is 315mm high in total (168 above FFL) and provides 50mm clearance between the top of the deck and underside of the glass pane.


Material & Finish

The NauTech strut post is made from 16mm thick 316 Grade Stainless Steel and is very strong and durable. It is available in satin finish, but can be polished if required. It is also available in a special bead blast finish.

Set Out – 1200mm high

 NauTech posts - Maximum 1000mm centres and maximum 500mm overhang, which means for two posts a maximum total glass pane width of 2000mm.



The system is glazed with Metro Performance Glass, as follows

12mm TempaFloat Toughened Safety Glass

12mm TempaSoak Heat Soaked Toughened Safety Glass

12mm TempaPrint or TempaScreen ceramic frit Toughened Safety Glass



The StrutPost PL can be used for swimming pool fences to comply with the Fencing and Swimming Pool (FOSP) Act with the fitting set out as per the Producer Statement (PS1), design tables and fixing details.