MechFix BA

Glass Balustrade System


The MechFix BA is a base and side fixed frameless glass balustrade system 


The MechFix BA is a mechanically fixed balustrade system for internal and external cantilevered glass balustrades. It can be either base or side fixed and features, clamp fixing, single sided installation, adjustability, clip on covers and hidden fixings.


BA 112 is made for base fixing to masonry, timber and steel structures. 

The section is 112mm high and 75mm wide

BA130 is made for side fixing to masonry, timber and steel structures

The section cover plate is 130mm wide and 75mm wide



The MechFix BA112/130 is made from aluminium which is strong and durable. It is available as standard in a 20 micron natural anodised finish. It is also available in standard powder coated colours.


Typical Setout

12mm for Occupancy A, B, E, C3 barriers up to 1000mm height 

15mm for Occupancy A, B, E, C3 barriers up to 1200mm height


Refer to MechFix design tables and PS1



The system is glazed with Metro Performance Glass, as follows

12 & 15mm TempaFloat Toughened Safety Glass

12 & 15mm TempaSoak Heat Soaked Toughened Safety Glass

12 & 15mm TempaPrint and TempaScreen ceramic frit Toughened Safety Glass

13.5mm SafeLite Toughened Laminated Safety Glass 



The MechFix system has been tested in NZ to AS/NZS 1170 barrier loadings in accordance with B1/VM1 Amendment 8



The system can be used for compliance with NZ Building Code Clause F4 – safety from falling.

The System can be used for residential Occupancy A, B, E and C3 balustrades, with the fitting set out as per the Producer Statement (PS1), design tables and fixing details.


For compliance with the DBH Guidance on Barriers, heat soaked toughened glass is recommended and for barriers over 5m from the floor, an interlinking handrail or toughened laminated safety glass, are recommended. (Refer clause