Hydraulic Hinge


The Biloba Hydraulic Hinge is a unique hinge for self closing frameless glass pool gates


The Biloba hinge is an Italian made, oil-dynamic hinge made for self closing doors, with an adjustment feature for the closing speed of the door.

The hydraulic operation means floor springs are not required as these are time consuming and messy to install into existing building structures.

The Biloba hinges are non hold open, which means they are suitable to be used for pool fence gates.


The Biloba is and aluminium hinge and available as standard in a natural anodized finish for pool gates.


The Biloba hinge can be used for 10 and 12 mm Toughened Safety Glass gates from 700 -1000mm wide and/or 100 kg maximum weight.


The hinge has been tested to over 1 million action cycles, and has been used internationally for several years, so it has a proven track record.  


The hinges are provided in pairs with gaskets for 10 and 12 mm glass and with control valves completely closed.

Refer to the installation and adjustment instructions for further information.



The Biloba hinge is 108mm high x 73mm wide and is available in two versions;

BHS 90-NHO - Glass to Wall – Non Hold Open

BHS 180-NHO – Glass to Glass (180 degrees) Non Hold Open