PosiGlaze System

(Base and Side Fix)

The PosiGlaze System was developed for cantilevered structural balustrades to cope with the transition from monolithic Toughened Safety Glass (TSG) to Toughened Laminated Safety Glass (TLSG). The unique design uses a special high strength hollow-core aluminium extrusion and special glass clamp kits that secure and locate the glass into the aluminium section. This means the system can be used on 12 & 15mm TEMPAFLOAT® TSG; 15.2, 17.2, & 19.2 TLSG with SAFELITE® EVA Interlayer; and 13.52, 17.52 & 21.52 TLSG with SAFELITE® STF (Sentry®) Interlayer; without holes in the glass.

  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE AFTER INSTALLATION PosiGlaze uses a unique, simple adjustment system allowing horizontal alignment of each glass panel.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND EXTREMELY STRONG Cleverly designed out of extruded aluminium, saving weight yet keeping strength.
  • ENGINEERED Our system has been engineered & tested to comply with the building regulations (with the appropriate fixing spacing and glass thickness) in both domestic and selected commercial installations. It can be installed in a wide variety of applications. 

Posiglaze Channel System